Main Practice

Kai Pritzsche, LL.M. (Berkeley),

is practicing as an attorney-at-law since more than 30 years. He started in 1986 at the law firm of Boden, Oppenhoff & Schneider in Cologne which at that time was one of the leading business law firms in Germany. He thus started his practice with broad based business law advisory and litigation work. In the course of newly establishing the law firm’s office in New York, N.Y., U.S.A., and after that through privatisation work in the course of German re-unification in Berlin his practice focused more on leagal advisory work, on projects and on transactions. This included the resolution of conflicts by way of negotiations, mediation, litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Already in the 1990s Kai Pritzsche’s legal practice increasingly focused on work in the energy sector. After the German firm’s merger with Linklaters LLP in 2001 his work increasingly cetered around the electricity and gas sectors. This resulted in the development of one of the leading energy law practices in Germany.

Kai Pritzsche’s extensive international work during all stages of his professional career has resulted in extensive experience and know how in European and international law as well as in cross-border matters.

Business Law

Energy Law

Dispute Resolution